Where to get the books:
    In English:
    In Russian:
How to put books into your personal Dropbox folder:
  • Download and install dropbox program from Dropbox.com on your PC.
  • Register your Dropbox account using this program
  • Put all the book you want to read into the dropbox folder (any subfolders are possible).
How to load books on device: (video)
  • Open Racoon Reader.
  • Go to Dropbox page.
  • Press settings button.
  • Enter your Dropbox  credentials (the same as on PC)..
  • Select and download books from folders.
How to open and read the book: (video)

How to remove book: (video)

How to change settings: (video)

How to buy the Raccoon Reader:
  • Tap "About" menu item.
  • Click "Buy"button.
How to review the reader:
  • Tap "About" menu item.
  • Click "Review" button.
How to get support:
    Email: aloneraccoon@gmail.com or ask on Facebook page.

We want to release frequently (2-3 releases per month), and deliver in each release a small but complete piece of utility. We plan to develop the product as follows:

Version 1.0. (Released)
    Reads fb2 (in zip), txt formats, works with
Dropbox. 3 themes, 3 fonts and 5 languages are supported.

Version 1.1. (Released)
    Has new kinetic scrolling.
    Some crashes were fixed.

Version 1.2. (Released)   
    Re-encoding on the fly from Windows 1251 to UTF-8 fb2.zip and fb2.

    Limit of loaded book s in trial has risen up to 5.

    Pages scrolling became better.

    Real night theme.

Version 1.3. (Released)   
Works with ePub.
    5 good-loking font.
    5 improved color themes.
    3 font sizes: small medium and large.
    Some bugs were fixed and UI improved ;-).

Version 1.5. (going to be released in 2 weeks )
    Will support
Mango and will have many improvements in UI and usability.

Version 2.1.
    Project Gutenberg support with more than 36000 free ebooks.

Version 2.2.
    SkyDrive support.

Version 2.5.
    Social networks features: recommend the book and citation.

Version 2.6.
    Comics books archive eBook support (cbz format).